Attendance in the class is compulsory for all students. Those students who fail to attend a minimum of 60% of the lecturers delivered will not be allowed to appear in the University & Council examination & those students whose attendance in the class fall short of 70% will be regarded as Non-collegiate & such students can appear in examination after payment of Non-collegiate fees Rs 500/-. There will be no compromise in case of non-collegiate students. Discollegiate students will not be allowed to appear in examination. All test or terminal examinations are compulsory. Students who do not appear for such test & examination can’t appear in their final examinations. However if any one has genuine cause of absence he or she may convey the matter directly to the Principal for consideration. Absence in terminal examination will be treated as penalty for Rs. 100/- per subject.

Legal guardian– 
A legal guardian means the father of the candidate or the mother of the candidate if the father is not alive or away from home or any other senior member of the family if both father and mother are not alive. Some Important Rules for Hostel Boarders– 
*** Boarders must abide by the rules & regulations of the hostel prescribed by the college authority, violation of which will be liable to disciplinary action to the extent of expulsion from the hostel & the college as well. 
*** Boarders must enter the hostel within the time fixed by the authority concerned. 
*** Entertainment of the guest & visitors will not be allowed except prior permission of the authority. 
*** Ill treatment/ragging to co-boarders/cook/other employees of the hostel are strictly prohibited. 
*** Disturbance of any kind during study hours will be treated as a serious offence.

College Uniform– College Uniform is compulsory for all students. No student is permitted to wear any dress other than the college uniform in the college premises. Boy’s Uniform : White shirt & Black pant ( Boys can’t wear jeans & sporting ) and Black colour Sweater for winter session ( Can’t wear Jacket). 

Girl’s Uniform: Muga or Muga colour mekhela & White chador having Green border with Green blouse or White churidar kurta with Green dupatta and Blue colour Sweater for winter session. Note: Violation of these rules may lead to disciplinary action against the students concerned. College Badge & Identity Card :- Student must wear college badge & keep Identity card within the college premises always. They shall have to purchase badge & card from the office at the time of admission.